Community Health Education Resource Person (CHERP)

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine has developed a program to create Community Health Education Resource Persons (CHERPs). A CHERP will be trained as a recognized member of the community to whom people go to for help with their health problems and concerns. As a registered CHERP, you will be able to answer basic questions about health, disease, nutrition, physical activity, and other health behaviors. You will be able to partner with doctors, nurses, dieticians, personal trainers, and others in promoting health. You will gain the skills to help people develop healthier lifestyles. There is more than one proficiency level and a CHERP can achieve a level of proficiency at which he/she feels most comfortable. You receive a credential and become a registered CHERP at each of the six levels:

Level 1: Wellness Specialist
Level 2: Health Promotion Specialist
Level 3: Disease Prevention Specialist
Level 4: Disease Management Specialist
Level 5: Mental Health Specialist
Level 6: Personal Health Care Counselor

Several people in West Virginia and some in Ohio have already accomplished Level 1 (28 CHERP) and Level 2 (21 CHERP). You can see a schedule for the classes here. For further information on CHERP click here  or
contact the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department (304) 485-7374.