Power Outage Facts

There is a planned power outage announcement made by Mon Power. This power outage will
include areas in Parkersburg, Belleville, Vienna, Williamstown, Walker, Waverly, Elizabeth, and
Rockport. The outage will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. August 12. Please find out if you are in the outage area by contacting Mon Power.

If your facility is in the affected area and your food establishment has a generator, please make
sure all refrigeration units where potentially hazardous food are stored are properly connected to
the generator. If not, all potentially hazardous foods MUST be moved to a properly functioning
refrigeration unit and maintained at 41 degrees or lower.

If your facility is in the affected area and is NOT on a generator, and you have no other power
source, the facility should remain closed during the power outage. You should follow these
1) You should move any refrigerated foods that can be frozen to the freezer, prior to the
2) Once power is off, all refrigeration and freezer unit doors should remain closed in order
to attempt to maintain food temperatures at 41 degrees or lower.
3) Ice and ice packs can be used to help maintain food at the required temperature.
4) Someone must be at the facility to monitor and record temperatures, especially at the time
power is restored.
5) Any potentially hazardous food that are above 41 degrees, shall be discarded

If you have any questions, contact us at 304-420-1460.