Communities Putting Prevention to Work

Status   Report
Calhoun Amount
Wayne Underwood Park  Playground $11,722.00
Calhoun County Park Playground $11,722.00
Upper West Fork Playground $11,722.00
Grantsville Farmers Market Repair $2,486.50
(Flooring and stipend for mkt manager)
Pleasants Hill Elem. Exercise Equip. $2,428.60
(Exercise Equip. for   Pre-School program)
Grantsville Basketball Court repaving $14,860.00
The Ruth Looney Trail $13,680.00
(Connector from downtown to MHHC)
Arnoldsburg Walking Track Resurfacing $28,465.00
Upper West Fork Track Improvement $3,908.00
Pleasants Hill Basketball Court repaving $17,860.00
TOTAL TO DATE: $118,854.10
Pleasants Amount
Belmont Walking Trail paving $25,000.00
Belmont Playground Equipment $11,766.00
St. Mary’s Disk Golf $1,649.00
Bike Racks for the park $300.00
Bicycles for Boys/Girl Club & School $7,435.00
Belmont Connectivity $15,300.00
(Connect trailer park to Belmont Track)
TOTAL TO DATE: $61,450.00
Roane Amount
Roane Hospital Walking Path repaving $1,590.00
City of Spencer Playground $13,676.00
Camp Sheppard Playground $11,641.00
Sheppard Trail Upgrade – Gravel $1,425.00
United Methodist Community Track $25,000.00
21st Century Patch Greenhouse $1,221.53
TOTAL TO DATE: $54,553.53
Ritchie Amount
WVMBA Ritchie Event – sponsorship $5,000.00
Northbend Rail Trail Improvement $22,500.00
Cairo Connectivity Grant $9,000.00
(Match for Trans. Enhancement  Grant)
Pioneers Sports Jamboree   Paving $24,500.00
(Repaved area for Handicap Sports Event)
No Gym – No Problem $2,120.00
(Equipment/Curriculum for PE in class)
Nazarene Church Playground $22,000.00
(Near youth activity center – open to public)
Cairo Community Playground $14,990.00
Bicycles for Creed Elementary $5,680.00
Ritchie County Fair Sponsorship $6,000.00
(First fair in state to be Tobacco Free)
Ritchie County Park Playground $20,000.00
Ritchie Regional Health Care 5K $3,000.00
(Renamed Change the Future 5K)
Ellenboro Park Playground $20,000.00
Gym Community Center Walking Track $18,500.00
(Indoor Walking Track near Primary Care)
Bike Shelter for Ellenboro $15,750.00
TOTAL TO DATE: $189,040.00
Wirt Amount
Elizabeth Farmer’s Market Pavilion $1,291.00
Sportsman Park Playground $22,340.00
Sportsman Park Walking Path (TEG match) $11,000.00
(Widen Path to 8 ft – biking to be allowed)
Wirt Middle School FIT Stations $5,895.00
Creston Playground Equipment $11,670.00
Elizabeth to Park Connector $24,900.00
(Walking path to connect park to downtown)
Wirt Schools Biking Project $4,260.00
Creston Walking Trail $21,600.00
TOTAL TO DATE: $102,956.00
Wood Amount
Crosstown Bike Way $16,500.00
(Signage for biking)
East Street Bridge engineering $15,000.00
Fort Neal Park walking path $16,000.00
(Finish paving other half of path)
Disc Golf Mountwood/Veterans Park $10,000.00
Vienna Pond Run Walkway Engineering $20,000.00
Franklin Fit Trail $7,283.27
Vienna Fit Trail $6,985.27
Neale Fit Trail $9,220.53
Boys and Girls Club Master Plan $12,000.00
(Engineering of outdoor rec. improvements)
Williamstown Wetland Walkway $15,000.00
Vienna Parks Bike Shelter $15,745.55
Johnson T. Janes Engineering $20,000.00
PHS Bike Curriculum $12,040.00
Pond Run Outfall Bridge Engineering $21,000.00
PSHS Bike Curriculum $12,040.00
TOTAL TO DATE: $208,814.62

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