WIC Oral Health

Children’s Preventive Dental Screening, Treatment and Referral Program

Children of WIC Clients Ages 1‐5 who have never seen a dentist

Eligible to receive a screening, cleaning, and fluoride varnish to prevent cavities.



Ensure a healthy start for your baby’s teeth

Have a positive first dental visit

Receive preventive treatment (teeth cleaning, fluoride)

Education for parents

Referral to a dental home

See link below for further information. 

WIC Oral Health


HEY MOMMY, Check this out…….


The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department has a Dental Clinic for Kids age 1-5 who have  never been to the dentist!  They have a very friendly  hygienist that will make sure I have a great first visit.  She will check my teeth, clean them, and apply fluoride to prevent cavities.

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