Food Handler Training

A Food Handler’s Card is required for any person that handles food in the MOVHD region. Region includes: Calhoun, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Wirt, and Wood.

All food employees must hold a valid Food Handler’s card.  Any new food employee of an establishment will have 60 days from hire date to obtain a valid card. Food Handler’s cards are valid for 3 years. Cost for a class is $10 per person. Class last approximately an hour.

In Wood county, Food Handler’s classes will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, at the Main Office of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department,  located at 211 Sixth Street in Parkersburg, WV. Classes will be held in the 1st floor conference room, and begin at 10am, 3pm and 7pm. Additional information, call our main office at 304-420-1460.

Roane County also offer classes the first Thursday of each month at 10:00am. 

Calhoun, Pleasants, Ritchie and Wirt county offices also offer classes but they need to be contacted to find out dates and times because there is no set schedule. You can find information on how to contact those offices by clicking here.

Online classes are also available and recognized from the following outside entities, in no particular order. Fees apply.

Online Classes: